Sistemi; one of Cappellini’s best, modern storage systems

modern storage, sistemi by cappellini

modern storage, sistemi by cappellini

Cappellini’s modular home and office storage systems have been work in progress for the past twenty years and still on the go!!! One of their most known and often used system for home and office, modular storage solutions, is the “Storage chameleon”, Sistemi.

Sistemi’s latest development, is smart , adaptable, is a counting frame, specially designed for a vast range of storage. This year Sistemi focuses in working with materials, color combinations and new storage solutions that broaden the use of Sistemi. Some of the important features include sliding doors,that are invisible and silent, and have the ability to mount 2cm thick sliding doors that are in two heights and in a range of widths. What is achieved by that is to partly close the lower space to the desired shelf or from one shelf to the other and making possible different color composition for each section. Sistemi’s continuous evolution keeps taking Cappellini to new markets and world wide design recognition.

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