Cradle Bed by Okooko; does it get more romantic than that..!!

modern beds, bedroom furniture

modern beds, bedroom furniture

Looks like a boat? Well, wish any boat was that comfortable!!! This eco-friendly cradle bed, manufactured by natural latex, bamboo and wool will have you sleep like a baby!! Designed by David Trubridge for Okooko; a New Zealand based company, this bed cannot be more flexible and more romantic than its current design. The concept calls for a bed that can be used anywhere and by anybody .Floating through your dreams? You can say that. The only downfall of this bed is probably its price($25,000, including the mattress) but on the other hand, you are the judge. You never know it might worth it…

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Javier Merida

July 1st, 2009 at 8:06 am    

This is a great bed. It makes you just want to take a nap,Crazy price but beautiful…

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