Randy Brown nominated for Green architecture, at the 2008, AIA Housing Awards

green architecture by randy brown, modern architecturalm design

green architecture by randy brown, modern architecturalm design

One of the 19th recipients for the eighth annual Housing awards by the American Institute of Architects(AIA), is the architectural firm Randy Brown Architects and their project Laboratory, build in Omaha Nebraska. The Project was designed having in mind the environment and used green materials and techniques to the highest extend. Originally designed as a Laboratory for architectural experimentation; many parts of the project are still unfinished giving room for more expansion opportunities and alterations. The ongoing projects use of green materials include, R-45 insulation for the roof along with a use of a green system, natural ventilation through proper window openings and doors, concrete insulation , heat pumps and passive solar systems incorporated for water heating, for the several needs of the house. The design itself; an architectural jewel, with long glass corridors and solid geometric forms that are integrated harmoniously; is playfully designed for an inclusive architectural experience of the space. The Laboratory is a project very well executed and put together.

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July 1st, 2009 at 3:04 pm    

Green is in!! every little bit helps the enviroment, luckily there are many dedicated to this issue. In Miami, there’s an architect who’s developing totally green projects by using containers, no less.

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