Modern architecture rooted to the classic Barns??? Leroy Street Studio Architecture

Leroy Street Studio Architecture

Leroy Street Studio Architecture

Another project included on the American Institute of Architects 2008 Housing Awards, was the Modern Barn project, by Leroy Street Studio. This 6,000 sq single family residence is built in Wainscott, New York and as the name suggests it was evolved, having in mind, basic design elements of a Barn. The exterior of the home is a simple elegant massing, with precise geometry. The interior, is a more complex array of spatial room integration and juxtaposition of space. The relationship of solid and void gives continuation throughout the home and leads in hierarchy the sequence and function of the rooms. This creates a clear separation of public and private space. Dressed in a boarding of slatted timber that wraps inside out, through out the house, it unifies interior – exterior spaces. The whole house is elevated for a better view of the near by ocean.


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