Jay Pritzker Pavilion; a modern architectural playground by Frank Gehry

modern architecture by Frank Gehry

modern architecture by Frank Gehry

This $60 million project is a masterpiece that changed Chicago’s, Grant Park forever. Designed by the legendary architect Frank Gehry for the Pritzker Pavilion competition; is the home of the Grant Park Music Festival and other concerts and events. The name of the building was named after Jay Pritzker, and wife Cindy who established the Pritzker Prize in Architecture in 1979.

The building is designed with a state of the art sound system that mimics indoor-outdoor acoustics in an equally enhanced, distributed way. The dynamic design features stainless steel framing panels, that are staged and connected to an overhead trellis of curved steel pipes . The Pavilion acts as the focal element of the Park with a highly sculptural design creating high energy and movement to the rigid surrounding. The Pritzker Pavilion is a project that earned its reputation in a very tough city on architectural projects; resulting Gehry justifies “form, follows function, follows fame” .

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