An architectural project that is eco and cost friendly, House 205

House 205 architecture, modern design H Arquitectes

House 205 architecture, modern design H Arquitectes

Designed by H Arquitectes, the House 2005 is a true masterpiece that fits within its context in perfect harmony. Built in a setting with great amount of trees and steep slopes in Vacarisses, Catalunya, Spain, the aim of the structure is to preserve the natural surrounding and avoid any serious impact to the land and environment. With a budget of $273,600 the large layers of rocks along with two concrete struts are the foundation of the building . The space that is created underneath the struts, ventilates the house. The structure of the house calls for raw materials, that diminish the total weight of the house and CO2 emissions associated with the structure and the foundation of the building. This reduces significantly the cost and the time for the project. This great architectural project is cost and eco friendly; an example highly recommended to be considered in future building plans.


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