An architectural project in between the trees; The Streeter House by David Salmela

architerture by David Salmela, modern house the Streeter House

architerture by David Salmela, modern house the Streeter House

Designed by architect David Salmela in collaboration with owner/builder Kevin Streeter this architectural beauty reflects a great synergy between design and creative construction practices. Build in Deep Heaven, Minnesota the use of prefabricated materials was one of the clients goals. Two large cubes floating in the air supported by a wall of black prefabricated concrete are dressed in glass creating a visual lightness. “Even though it’s bold, it doesn’t shout at you; it nestles in the trees,” Salmela admits; justifying in that way the forestry context of the house. The main level of the house combines industrial interiors, exposed concrete floors and veins of galvanized and plastic pipes of the mechanical left untouched as part of the design.

The Streeter House is a project very well thought and executed in great detail!!! Applauds to the architect Salmela as well to Mr Streeter; able to understand that a great architectural building requires freedom in design.


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