“Architecture must break from unnatural and unhealthy imitations” Robert M. Gurney

green architecture, environmentally friendly architecture

green architecture, environmentally friendly architecture

Architecture must break from unnatural and unhealthy imitations; we are committed in producing buildings and spaces that strive for design excellence” Robert M. Gurney.

And that is exactly what is achieved with the Wissioming Residence located in Glen Echo, Maryland. One of the Nineteen Top Projects that were nominated for the 2008 AIA awards; the Wissioming Residence is sited in a green, sloping terrain overlooking the Potomac River. A great challenge while building, was not to disturb or remove the mature hardwood forests that densely surround the house. The house itself features a 20 foot suspended pool, a garage at the first level with a guest suite above, glass structures that are used for transparency and serve as a lantern in the night for the rest of the house. True to the statement “materials employed with honesty, integrity and ecological awareness” RMG, the exterior walls are dressed in hardwood treated panels and environmentally friendly techniques we used on the insulation and solar energy capture. Wissioming Residences great design sets the foundation for environmentally friendly homes and a good example to be followed!!!


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